A.Dunkley is a Jamaican artist, currently living in Los Angeles, California. He found his passion for the arts around the age of 15 and has been creating ever since. He migrated to Palm Beach County, Florida, from Jamaica when he was 16, and soon after graduating high school, he was selected to represent America in the first Adobe Certified Associate World Championship in Photoshop - where he placed in the top 20 of the world. 

Shortly after, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue a BFA degree at The Savannah College of Art and Design, where he discovered his love for lighting and photography. While in college, A.Dunkley taught himself digital 3D art, while managing a local art gallery part time. During his Sophomore year, he became the photo editor for SCAD's quarterly student magazine and online newspaper. In his senior year, he became the student fashion photographer. 

After graduating, he received an offer to work in the movie industry in Los Angeles as a motion graphic designer. Since then, he has worked on projects for ABC, Disney, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Fox Sports and Apple Tv - just to name a few. 

This website represents the extensive work A.Dunkley has done in the past seven years and spotlights his fine art portfolio.

Artist Statement

When light is casted on something or someone, the harmonies that happen between shadows and highlights become the sculptor of moods and emotions. I find fascination in those daily occurrences and use my identity as an influence to recreate such.

Growing up on an island has made me appreciate the nature of its warm winds and cool waters. My work studies the connection between the flow of nature and the flow within our mind and body. The dancer; the jazz player; the college student studying for their final exam, all get into that zone; we all are similar in this way.

Use this body of work as a gateway that encourages you to go deep inside to find those calm memories when life gets chaotic.

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