In celebration of Jamaica’s 60th year of independence, upcoming artist Acquille Dunkley presented his highly anticipated Island Influences art show at Kingston’s prestigious Grosvenor Galleries in August 2022. Using 3D technology, Acquille showcased digital art influenced by Jamaica’s iconic culture. The hyper realistic scenes portrayed a surreal look at everyday life on the island.

The first collector of Six Love, Bruk Table...

Six Love, Bruk Table was gifted to the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, The Honorable P.J. Patterson on behalf of Sheryl Lee Ralph. 

The influence...

The loud bangs were not gunshots. They came from the domino warriors; announcing their victory after a six game winning streak. This image represents endless nights and friendly rivalry for domino players across Jamaica. The game nuh dun until somebody get six love.

Comparing 3D Modes

The wireframe render on the left allows me to focus on placing objects and composition without the distraction of textures and lighting. The  image on the right shows the full rendered mode with textures and lighting accurately shown.

Behind The Screens: A Breakdown of Portrait of Red Jerk

In this video, you get to see the software that allows me to build digital worlds from scratch. Notice the movement of the light source realistically effecting the placement of shadows.

The influence...

The jerk pan is a symbol of Jamaican people coming together to enjoy great food, music and vibes. You can find a chef on busy street corners making jerk chicken all over the island. This is an attempt, by the artist, to personify the jerk pan as a symbol of high status among the Caribbean culture, similarly to a portrait painting of a royal aristocrat.

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